Technology Withdradiction And The Use Of Technology Addiction

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Due to the modern advancements in technology we have new terminology that has also been created and adapted to cover the variety of changes that come with living a technologically advanced society. Technology addiction definition has adapted for our modern day society from just regular addiction. Technology addiction is the compulsive reaction or over use of technology in any form with little regulation or self-control displayed when using it (“Digital addict,” n.d.). Sadly one of the new words that has been added our modern vocabulary is Nomophobia. Nomophobia is a term that describes people who feel uncomfortable, anxious, and or nervous, when they cannot or are unable to use their cell phone. Nomophobia is another aspect technology addiction (Nagpal & Kaur, 2016).
A study by Yen, Tang, Yen, Lin, Huang, Liu, & Ko, (2009) looked at addictive behavior associated with technology in a sample group of 10,191 adolescents. The sample group responded to a questionnaire with questions that pertained to whether or not their cell phone use was problematic and the impairments it caused. The category’s they fell into were tolerance, withdrawal, loss of control, conflict, and relapse (Yen et al., 2009). Tolerance is the increased gradual use of a device to achieve the same level of satisfaction. Withdrawal is when the use of the device stops and is by accompanied by troublesome behaviors and emotions. Loss of control is when the person uses the device excessively and doesn’t seem to

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