Technology and Health Care Hcs 531 Essay

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Running head: E-HEALTH 1 E-Health HCS 531 E-HEALTH 2 Abstract E-health combines technology with health care. The use of this new and emerging technology allows the delivery of health care to take the form of e-visits, online patient charting, patient access to personal medical records and remote monitoring of vital health monitoring. The use of e-health in health care system with the support of federal guidelines and regulations will help improve the quality, efficiency, and access to…show more content…
It excludes the option of face-to-face communication during examinations. Finally, telehealth focuses on educational and research purposes involving all types of caregivers with telecommunication between patient and health professionals. Health care delivery in its use of information, records, communication, and will continue to grow with the Internet. The rapid expansion of information technology into daily life and business has healthcare delivery begin to adopt and optimize the use of technology. Impact of E-Health The conflict with the patients’ desires for the e-Health activities, such as Web messaging and PHRs would be the patients needs for confidentiality. As for the consumers, so many things that are an unknown variables as far as who own, secure, and the share the patients private health E-HEALTH 5 information. The laws shielding privacy are certainly confusing; it is said that the HIPAA Privacy Rule would be measured the slightest shared denominator for the privacy regulations within that it would require obvious patient consents would only be for the use and disclosures of documents outside the purposes of treatments, payments, or even the functioning activities. The state by-laws are varied within the degrees in which private health info would be secure, in addition
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