Technology and Information Revolution

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Technology and Information Revolution Introduction American families are going through significant social change as a result of the continued acceleration of information and technology. The most pervasive force in the disruptive social change American families are going through is the social network. Social media not only creates a more egalitarian society, it brings a level of real-time communication within families that didn't exist before. Analysis of How Technology Is Changing The American Family The combination of always-on social media, websites and sources of entertainment, in addition to the continual stream of communications from employers can create a highly information-congested lifestyle (Acello, 2012). The perception many have of how technology is affecting the American family is negative, with parents who have jobs continually being reminded of their work responsibilities through Blackberries, the thin Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) that are now ubiquitous in many companies (Acello, 2012). Many call them "crackberries" because it is commonplace to see dads and moms typing furiously into them as they are at soccer games, concerts or other family events. This always-on nature of work is changing the social fabric of the American family by making the line between professional and personal lives more blurred. Many consider this to be a sign of the American family being more beholden to the need to always respond immediately, the addiction to urgency
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