Argumentative Essay On Social Media

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We are the generation that no longer strives to keep things hidden. Instead we do the complete opposite and prefer everything to be out in the open, we are the open generation, a generation that lacks privacy. We give society this opportunity by posting our life on social media. We allow access to our personal information, not only to our friends and family, but strangers as well but our generation doesn’t see this as a bad thing. The use of social media took off with the creation of Facebook in 2004. I recall Facebook being the thing to have when I was in elementary and middle school. My generation was around ten to fourteen years old and already sharing their personal life on social media but at this age the things posted are just awkward and uninteresting. At such a young age though, my generation was already getting influenced by the social media craze and some of the forms social media we have today didn’t even exist yet. I remember some of fellow peers not being allowed to have a Facebook because their parents saw it as a lack of privacy and didn’t want their child plastered all over online. That’s the difference between our generation and our parent’s generation is we don’t see having a Facebook or any other social media as us posting personal information about ourselves and allowing people to invade in our privacy, we see it has a way of sharing interesting stuff in our life with our friends and peers without having to directly talk to them. Even if we

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