Technology of Heart Gene Therapy

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Although the technology of heart gene therapy is at its initial stages and only medical trials have begun, some ethical questions and arguments are arising on its acceptability to be used for treating people. Heart gene therapy involves insertion of a foreign gene and this is argued to be against nature because our natural genetic makeup is altered from this treatment (Kelly, 2007). This has erupted discussions for and against this treatment. Some people argue that altering our genetic makeup, even for treatment purposes is playing God and should be completely rejected. This is based on the religious view of this technology. Other people pro heart gene therapy argues that if this gene therapy will save lives, it is a good thing and should be embraced. Looking at this issue on cultural and religious views may limit technology and its use to better our lives.
Some people argue that heart gene therapy may result to very rewarding consequences or very deadly consequences because the success rate is not 100% assured (Sherlock & Morrey, 2002). Although this technology is set to benefit many heart disease patients through introduction of the missing protein, there are chances that the treatment may fail for some patients. Consequences are fatal if the treatment does not work because malfunctioning enzyme will be present and this may result to death. This therefore brings the question, is the risk worth taking? For the patients that this treatment works, the consequences are

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