Ted Bundy Vs Ted Bundy

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Serial killers are one of the biggest mysteries to the rest of humanity. The way they think and act is terrifying but also fascinating because other people don’t think in the same way. So when we see someone so sadistic and emotionally detached we want to know more about them. We want to know what their childhood was like, if something happened in the early development of their lives or if they were just wired that way from birth. Two of the most popular serial killers are Ted Bundy and Jeffrey Dahmer. They both started killing people in their young adulthood, progressively becoming more and more addicted to the thrill it gave them leading up to their arrests later in life. However, they had very different home lives and experiences that lead to their fates. Childhood and adolescence tend to play a huge role in the way people turn out as adults, so it's one of the first things people look back at when someone turns out to be any kind of killer. Jeffrey Dahmer is said to have had a pretty normal childhood though, according to his father, he had an unusual interest in the bodies of dead animals and didn’t show the same kinds of emotions as other children (“All About Jeffrey Dahmer”, 2011). As he developed into adolescence his fascination with dead animals only became more disturbing as he started examining and dissecting the carcasses. He withdrew himself from society and turning to heavy alcoholism. His drinking problem stayed with him throughout his high school career

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