Teen Pregnancy And Teenage Pregnancy

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n the mainstream news, young mothers have received surplus attention due to the large scale viewers of MTV’s shows Teen Mom and 16 and Pregnant. Fox News, leaning far right on the political spectrum commented about the extensive publizity. When the stars from these reality shows made front page on US Weekly and People’s magazine Fox News posted an article in response,“ Tabloids Glamorizing Teen Pregnancy By Putting Teen Moms on Covers.” Young teens who became pregnant and now a part of mainstream culture sex is the highlighted deviance described in this article. Fox News argues that we shouldn’t praise these girls for their actions because, they are irresponsible parents that were just looking for a way to make quick money. That, this …show more content…

It takes two people to make a child.When commenting on teen pregnancy how society reacts would suggest quite differently. “ The media here is being extremely irresponsible by glamorizing teen pregnancy. We can look forward to a reality show in about 18 years based on these children growing up fatherless, as the cause of mommy’s fame.” These statement puts the accountability onto the mother for the children being fatherless and profiting off of it, rather than acknowledging that it is the father’s responsibility to be present in his children’s lives. Take for example, the ridicule that women of all ages face when they choose adoption. We as a society are amazed that a mother could even fathom to not want her child yet, it is quite the opposite with fathers. While a mother who adopts is disgusting, a father who leaves their children is often blamed on the mother or, not even a topic to begin with. The irony of the approval of men who engage in frequent sexual activities, as well as being socially permitted and even endorsed to not take accountability for their actions is unfathomable. There are thousands of excuses for men’s abstinence in children’s lives such as , “ guys take more time to grow up,” to “ guys just aren’t wired to be parents like women are.” Whereas, with these teen mothers who have taken up the responsibility to be mature enough to provide for their children are under constant scrutiny. Yet, the behavior and

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