Teen Pregnancy In High School Teens

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In High school, teenagers are in the phase of experiencing new found attractions. For most students, it is a time for discovering themselves and their likes in other people as they develop serious relationships. Others have a slower growing experience than most students when it comes to being popular and outgoing. In addition, there are those students whose parents are religious and go against the act of sexual conduct and contraceptives. The onset of puberty mixed with various forms of peer pressure creates these types of sexual dilemmas, such as relationships and advanced sexual relationships. According to the CDC, “[Nearly] 47 percent of [High School students] had sexual intercourse” (Valbrun). In contrary to religious views, it is beneficial to make condoms available while in high school since it can help lower the risk of sexually transmitted diseases among teens, the risk of teen pregnancies, and as well as reduce the number of abortions among High School teens. Making condoms available to High School student will allow them to take control of their sexual health. Many High school students are afraid of buying condoms because they must deal with the face-to-face humiliation they endure. The teenager is aware that the cashier has knowledge as to what they are bound to do. In the student’s mind, there is a sense of judgment that can be felt when they are looked at by the surrounding shoppers. This embarrassment may cause the High School teen to avoid purchasing the

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