Who Is To Blame For Teenage Pregnancy Essay

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Teen pregnancy is often seen as a mistake, however blaming teen pregnancy on one or two things or person doesn’t resolve the solution. Teen pregnancy is something that affects millions of young teens in the United States. For some , these pregnancies are planned but majority of teen pregnancy is unplanned. Teen pregnancy causes a lot of endless problems in the lives of the teen and the newborn child. According to the article “ Blaming TV for Teen Pregnancy Is A convenient excuse” by Schroeder “We need to spend more time talking with young people, at home, at school, in religious communities - and yes, even in the media - about sex and sexuality in ways that help them understand and believe that they have a choice: the choice to be teens before becoming teen parents.” Neither the media content or country should be blamed for the influence of teen pregnancy.

The rate of teenage pregnancy in the United States is often blamed on social media, whoever this is not the case. According to Elizabeth Schroeder’s article Blaming TV For Teen Pregnancy Is A Convenient Excuse” she states reasons for the world to be skeptical “whenever any research claims that there’s a direct cause and effect relationship between one thing such as television viewing, and something as complex as teenage pregnancy. Elizabeth Schroeder`s also stated that “ Regardless of what is in the media adults need to be educating young people earlier about sexuality and sexual health,” so they make the right

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