Teen Suicide Essay

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Daneshia Alberty
11 February, 2011
Teen Suicide Essay Teen suicide is one of the fastest killers for young teenagers. Every year thousands of teens die in the United States. There are many different reasons of why young teens commit suicide. Family issues, low self-esteem, and bullying are three of the many leading factors towards suicide for teens. Problems at home can cause a teenager to take their lives. Abuse in the home of the teenager can most often establish a suicidal situation. If the teenager feels lonely and trapped they will refer to suicide to escape from the physical abuse and emotions they feel. Physical abuse is not the only type of abuse that may lead a teen towards suicide. Emotional, verbal, …show more content…

It can be recognized on the internet, phone calling, and gossiping,. In most cases teenagers who bully others find satisfaction in causing pain and injury to other teenagers. Being bullied is not a good experience to go through. Young teens who have been bullied seek out ways to escape all the pain and suffering. As a result, teen suicide is the third leading cause for all deaths for young adults. Abuse at home, having low self-esteem, and bullying are three of the many factors. Teenagers who are faced with the idea to commit suicide should immediately talk to a parent or counselor for help. Obviously there are many more factors for teen suicide: divorce of parents, feelings of worthlessness, rejection from family and friends, substance abuse, and deaths are other factors and reasons of why teenagers commit suicide. In many cases of suicide, teenagers will actually try to talk to someone about their problems. The young adult will show many signs and warnings before taking their lives. Most adults and teens never notice because they have no knowledge of all the signs and symptoms of suicide. Knowing theses signs will help to prevent most suicidal cases. It is important to show the teenager whom has thoughts of suicide unconditional love and emotional support. Suicide should not be anyone’s solution for escaping their problems.
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