Teenage Driving Laws Essay

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Teenage driving laws are changing. As many people know, there are high death rates pertaining to car accidents. Teenagers are no exception to these accidents. While laws are changing due to the large portion of deaths caused by car accidents involving teenagers, Organizations are making moves to ensure that teen drivers promise to drive responsibly Legislation has been told to create a national law directed toward all teen drivers. They want to lower the minimum age for driving from sixteen to eighteen. These Organizations have been working to develop oaths for teen drivers to take, ensuring their safety on the road. These two authors have written passages regarding this topic. While both of these passages are extremely different,they are …show more content…

The biggest difference being that they have different views on how these driving laws are being changed. The author of the passage “Unfair Driving Laws” states, “Creating a federal driver’s license law is a very bad idea.” and the other passage says, “Clearly many teens are not ready for full driving privileges.” This shows how both of the author’s opinions differ on the topic of teenage driving laws. The first passage believes that the laws should be changed according to the specific needs of individual states. The second passage, however, believes that teenagers should be given a chance to show that they can drive responsibly. Instead of changing to laws completely, they want to persuade the teens to take an oath, promising to drive safely. In conclusion, the author of the passage “ Unfair Driving Laws” thinks that tennagers should be given the chance to continue driving at the age of 16, while the author of “Reader Supports Teen Driving Bill” thinks that the teen driving laws should be changed. The first passage believes that driving laws should be changed based on the individual needs of states. The second passage however, believes that the problem should be solved from the source; the drivers. By ensuring that the teen drivers take a special oath designed to inspire safe driving habits among

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