Teenage Pregnancy In California Essay

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The Office of Adolescent health stated that “Females under 20 years of age that became pregnant in 2011 was 38,729 in California”. Adolescent pregnancy is an issue that does not discriminate because it affects different racial, cultural, groups, and socioeconomic status. Out of these mothers there was a range of every race, but Hispanics held the highest amount. The Office of Adolescent Health also stated that “In California Non-Hispanic white numbers were 4,957, Non-Hispanic black was 3,403, American Indian or Alaska Native was 403, Asian or Pacific Islander was 1,304, and Hispanic were the most with 28,640”. The numbers prove that Hispanic teenage girls are more likely to become pregnant. Although, all races have numbers of adolescent pregnancy in California. The …show more content…

Resulting in the idea of not allowing their daughters to obtain condoms, and contraceptives. It is also seen as a deadly sin to have an abortion so that leaves the adolescent with one choice, and that is to have the child. Even though, wealthy adolescent mothers have children too, it is more common for poor adolescent mothers to have children. Planned Parenthood released an article Reducing Teenage Pregnancy and it stated that “In fact, poor women are more than five times more likely than higher- income women to have an unintended pregnancy”. This relates to the risk factors of not having the funds or resources to prevent pregnancy. A low-income adolescent cannot afford regular priced contraceptives, does not have the access to sexual education class, does not know where to obtain free contraceptive, day after pill, and even condoms. Planned Parenthood also stated that “Nearly two million teen girls in need of contraceptive services turn to publicly funded clinics”. Two million teenage girls were able to get birth control for little to no cost, and they felt that Plan Parenthood would protect their

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