Teenage Teens Getting The Dangerous Drugs

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As human beings, we stay up to date with the most recent news articles and watch when statistics begin to rise. It’s great to see how many more young teens are graduating high school and college, and moving on with their lives. One of the most recent skyrocketing numbers however, is the heroin epidemic that we have going on. Is it becoming easier for kids to get their hands on the harder drugs? Are we going to being to see that after the legalization of other drugs kids want to experiment more and are now moving onto harder and more dangerous drugs? How are these young adolescent teens getting the drugs, and how are they finding out where to find them in their community? With this paper, I want people to think about what they can do to try …show more content…

When I saw the numbers of how many users there were in the United States, I can honestly say that I wasn’t shocked. Just where I live, Bellefonte, PA, there has been multiple heroin arrest in the past year. “Agents arrested nine in Center County drug bust” shut down a half- million-dollar heroin and cocaine drug operation. They arrested at least nine people that were in connection with the crime. In the article, one of the senior deputy attorneys, General Patrick Leonard, said, “They are here from New York City and Philadelphia.” (Morelli). Which brings up the question, how far will this drug travel and why is it so easy to get your hands on such a hard drug?
There are many obvious signs to recognize if someone has a problem with heroin. Some of the less noticeable ones would be shortness of breath, dry mouth, and small pupils. Some more noticeable physical signs of heroin abuse would be the disorientation, cycles of hyper alertness followed by suddenly nodding off, and often appear droopy. There are also things that lay around the household that can be noticeable signs of heroin dependency. These can be things like burned silver spoons, small plastic bags with a white powdery residue in them, and/or aluminum foil or gum wrappers with burn marks on them. Soon enough loved ones will begin to notice other signs that someone has built

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