Tehran Is The United Republic Of Iran

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Tehran is amongst the largest cities in the Middle East, and is the largest in Iran, a theocratic sovereign state officially known as the Islamic Republic of Iran. A regional centre for thousands of years, it became the capital city of Iran in 1788 and has grown to have a metropolitan population of 15.2 million in 2015 (Statistical Center of Iran, 2015). The city’s population in 1900 was only 200,000, rapid growth mainly due to the large rural population’s need for education, healthcare and employment. During the 20th century the city was victim to multiple violent periods, in which time many people fled the densely packed conditions of the city. At the end of such war periods, people flocked in their millions back to city to create a new life. Influxes of people moving to the city occurred shortly after the 1979 Revolution and Iran-Iraq War (1980-1988). All large cities host problems that come with their extreme size. One of the problems Tehran has faced since becoming a megacity is the air pollution, largely caused by the millions of cars on the street. As the harmful air sits over the city, the millions of people below have increasingly felt the impact on their health. The city is also at risk from earthquakes, as it lies along two major fault lines. While an earthquake itself would devastate the city, it may also release Iran’s natural gas reserves (the largest in the world) and further pollute the atmosphere.

With nearly 8 million people living within the urban city…

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