Telemedicine Can Save Underserved Patients Time And Money Essay

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Perspectives Proposition in Favor Favoring the use of telemedicine can save underserved patients time and money. An article by Russo, McCool, and Davies, analyzed the time and money spent by 5,695 veterans, who visited Veteran Affairs healthcare systems, to identify how much time and money could be saved per year by utilizing telemedicine techniques (209). From 2005 to 2013, it was discovered that in White River Junction, Vermont, the average patient saved 145 miles of travel time and 142 minutes of visit time by means of telemedicine (Russo, McCool, & Davies 209). As a result, the government saved $18,555 expenses in travel per year (Russo, McCool, & Davies 209). This study reflects the high expenses and valuable time related to medical care that typical veteran members will experience, which is a fraction of the nation’s population. If taken into consideration the number of underserved individuals in the nation, it can be seen that these expenses cannot be afforded. Now, consider using a telemedicine system on a national scale, which could be a great benefit to many underserved Americans and lower their expenses to be more manageable. By utilizing telemedicine strategies, the United States government can help underserved individuals save thousands, if not millions, of dollars. By enabling patients to have the opportunity to be in contact with a medical professional while enjoying the comforts of their own home, it helps reduce medical costs. Also, patients have a

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