Television Comedy Forms a Framework of the Stereotypical Black Character

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Norman Mailer’s The Fight fits a mold of story telling described by Jerome Bruner, but not in the ways expected. The characters are more than just characters and the plot fits more a mode of telling than an actual plot. Considering Bruner’s features of narrative that he describes in “The Narrative Construction of Reality”, through an illustration of canonicity and breach, the protagonist of The Fight is the ‘The Rumble in the Jungle’ itself, while the antagonist of the story is the breach of the fight. Canonicity and breach, as explained by Bruner, is the breach of a canonical script. This breach breaks the norms or standards of what is expected. A tale must break the normal state to be worth telling and hold value in daily living. A breach must differ from the norm, but the method of defying this norm is up to the teller. The canonicity of the story is the fight itself. Canonicity would be the desired outcome, without any changes or obstructions. The fight in its simplest form was what Don King staged. He wanted to see the better fighter, former heavyweight versus current heavyweight. This is the protagonist of the story. People wanted to know who was the better fighter, and also wanted to see a good fight. King wanted to promote professional boxing. At its simplest form, this is what the viewer or reader desires, so “The Rumble in the Jungle” is the canon and protagonist of the story. The breech in the story is the obstructions put on the fight. One of the largest of
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