Television Coverage And Alternative Media Coverage

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The difference in mass media coverage and alternative media coverage is that mass media focuses more on a broader relationship between the Call of Duty franchise and the USDoD; however, alternative media goes more in-depth to the subject. When accessing mass media sources, their content often filled with positive ‘takes’ of the subject because they are usually funded by the company. For instance, game developers would not want bad reviews of their content out on mass media sources like CNN because it reduces the profit. Also it appeals to most retailers, such as Gamestop, Wal-Mart, or Target. On the other hand, alternative media gives a more closely look of the contents of the game. The Call of Duty franchise – in this case, Advanced Warfare – and the USDoD have been working with each other in making the FPS game. The technology applied in the game are currently ideas from the USDoD. For example, the weapons, the exoskeleton, and the style. They are ideas from DARPA as well. There are many different technologies presented in Advance Warfare. For instance, the use of the Tac-19, which blast energy instead of slug or buckshot. These type of technology is influence by the USDoD or DARPA because without their collaborations of such weapons, Advance Warfare may result to using weapons available today. For example, assault rifles like the M-19 or Scar-H. Noam Chomsky’s propaganda model, from Manufacturing Consent, is about five filters: Ownership, Advertising, Sources, Flak, and
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