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Affections of television program to children in each cognitive development stage.

There are so many different television programs out there designed for children, but the reality is when the word “children” includes kids of the age between births to 12 years old, the affection of those programs must be different in different stages of cognitive development of children between births till the age of 12. Therefore, my paper is going to talk about how those affections are different in each stage of development and why should it be different by using specific examples of television program designed for children, and the theory of cognitive development from Jean Piage. The television program I am using is called The Magic School Bus-The …show more content…

Frizzle get lost near a haunted house on their way to tomorrow’s music concert, it turns out this haunted house is a sounds museum built by a music professor in 19 century. While they discover the “ghost”, one child in the class found the fact of sounds is vibration; it helped him making his invented instrument for tomorrow’s concert.
In order to understand the affections of this television program on each cognitive stage of children, I must introduce Jean Paige, a constructivist as well as an interactionist that developed a cognitive theory on children. He believed that children think and reason differently at different periods in their lives. He discovered that children are developed by passing through an invariant sequence that includes four distinct stages. The four stages are: sensorimotor, from birth to the age of 2; preoperational – 2-7 years old; concrete operational – 7-12 years old; and formal operational - 12 years and up.
Start with sensorimotor stage, which include the children between 0-2 years old. This is the stage of cognitive development where kids have basic motor skills and learn how to move in the environment. The mental structures are mostly concerned with the mastery of concrete objects.
Children in this stage of cognitive development would not be able to remember any moral or theme relates to The Magic School Bus-The Haunted House. They will be mesmerized by signal and flashing things on TV. Children in this

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