Television's Effects on the Natural Environment Essay

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Television's Effects on the Natural Environment You may be thinking, “How on earth could the TV have an affect on our natural environment?” and you have every right to. At first glance, it may seem impossible that the TV can have an effect on our natural surroundings; but, nevertheless, it does.

One of the ways that the TV can have an effect on our surroundings is by the amount of power that is needed to run all of the TV’s in the world. I realize, that compared to other appliances, a television does not use a huge amount of energy. But think about this: almost every family in America has at least one TV if not more (some people that I know have upwards of 6 and 7). Can you imagine the power it must take to run all …show more content…

You’ve seen some examples of the bad; now let us focus on the good.

These same people that I have just talked about above can also help the environment. Scientists who make documentaries can be very helpful to the environment as well. If they are able to travel into the wilderness to study animals and wildlife, a video camera can be a useful tool. The scientists, with the help of a video camera, can record their observations of these animals and view them later on a television or place them on television where others, who were not able to travel to the particular location, can watch and observe these animals as well. The ability to do this helps the environment in two ways: 1) It helps scientists and other experts understand our natural world much better enabling them to help preserve it, and it 2) promotes education of the environment to those who are not scientists. As you can see, the TV has an effect on our environment for good and bad, even though it may be indirect.

When I say natural environment, you probably only think about the ways in which it affects our land and animals, but there is another aspect: human health. Television has had a great impact on human health since its invention in 1926. Americans, and humans in general, spend huge amounts of time watching television each year. When people watch TV, they are giving up time in which they could be exercising. As a consequence of this lack of exercise,

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