Temporal Privacy Scheme Location Privacy

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Temporal Privacy Scheme Location Privacy in Wireless Sensor Networks

Shakour Abuzneid, Tarek Sobh, and Miad Faezipour
University of Bridgeport, Bridgeport, Connecticut
Email: {abuzneid, sobh, mfaezipo}@bridgeport.edu

Abstract: Wireless sensor network (WSN) is built of hosts called sensors which can sense a phenomenon such as motion, temperature, and humidity. Sensors represent what they sense in data format. Providing an efficient end-to-end privacy solution would be a challenging task due to the open nature of the WSN. The key schemes needed for end-to-end location privacy are anonymity, observability, capture likelihood and safety period. On top of that, having temporal privacy is crucial to attain. We extend this work to provide a solution against global adversaries. We present a network model that is protected against passive/active and local/multi-local/global attacks. This work provides a solution for temporal privacy to attain end-to-end anonymity and location privacy.

Keywords: WSN; temporal privacy; traffic rate privacy; source location privacy; sink privacy;
1. INTRODUCTION AND PROBLEM STATEMENT: In this work, we shall focus on providing temporal privacy which is very curtail to providing source and sink location privacy. There are generally two ways to locate a sensor using passive attacks: traffic analysis [1] and packet tracing [2, 3]. The traffic analysis can determine location by analyzing the traffic. Packet tracing can be used to find the source…

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