Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann: Gurren-Hen Essay

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Congratulations! Gainax! Bravo! You may be wondering why I’m starting this review with so much praise, but is it praise? Maybe it’s cleverly placed sarcasm just to mask the façade of this show? Well as much as I love doing negative reviews and just making fun of how a story presents itself, Tengen toppa Gurren Lagann: Gurren-Hen, also known as Gurren Lagann is just an amazing film; only if you decide not to take it seriously. If you decide to analyze this show thoroughly from the inside-out you would be somewhat disappointed. Gurren Lagann is all just mindless fun with no hidden objectives. “Humans are desperate creatures that hide underground and hidden away by partial safety from the world above. The barren wasteland of the surface no …show more content…

The only thing that disturbed me in my opinion was the latter half of the movie, where it goes through an enormous time skip and tries to take itself seriously, which in my opinion changed the pacing drastically. The latter half also takes place after the death of the Spiral King and explains what’s going on in the world such as: politics, government and etc. It didn’t suit the type of mentality this show was providing and just gave me a “what happened?” type of vibe. This really dragged down the movie until later in the film it decides to ditch the serious act and start blowing stuff up again. In doing so they’ve created the most astounding climaxes in animation in my opinion. I would really love to say that this movie was perfect from start to finish but the time skip and the show decided to take itself seriously dragged on and was unnecessary. What I like about the characters in Gurren Lagann were the characters how they were portrayed and developed. Though they do fill in the standard anime tropes you see today, but what separates them from the stereotype is that they actually have a lot of character development. Our main protagonist, Simon suits this quite well; he’s a weak, shy, and not someone who’d you typically root for to lead the fight. By the end however he’s become more mature, brave, and an overall great leader. Kamina, the epitome of manliness, plays the role as

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