Tennessee Williams and Works, a Look at Illusion vs. Reality

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Illusion Vs. Reality Tennessee Williams and his works deal heavily in the contrast of illusion and reality and the characters' struggle with this. Illusion vs. Reality is a major theme is mostly all of his dramatic works. The majority of these characters find themselves in a state of illusion. This was intended by Tennessee Williams to show how unavoidable and definite falling into illusion, or insanity, can be. Williams' sister Rose affected him greatly when she became schizophrenic. This influenced all his works by Tennessee writing all them with one female character that struggles to stay sane, or to stay delusional. Tennessee Williams had a good life before that when he was great friends with his sister and she did not have a…show more content…
Indeed the play is at once realistic and a protest against realism, a "slice of life" endowed with lyric beauty by its transformation into memory. "A Streetcar Named Desire" continually vacillates between the crash and clamor of Kowalski, the pungent sight, sound and smell of this world, and the mothlike quality of Blanche, the strains of the far-away Varsouviana and the thematic cry of the street vendor, ‘Flores para los muertos' (Nelson)." This is the culmination of all of Williams beliefs on the clash and conflict of reality and illusion. The war between Blanche and Stanley, the fight between Amanda and trying to get Laura out of her glass fantasy, these are all examples of the fight between reality and illusion. The purpose of these in Williams' work is to show that reality always triumphs. Despite the fact that reality triumphs, the characters who are held by illusion are always dragged completely and inexorably into it. Blanche goes completely catatonic and Jim's rejection of Laura and Tom's leaving the house both take away Laura's chance at getting a real life. Laura lives in the ‘Glass Menagerie' so named by her mother who sees her daughter enveloped by old records and glass. Even Amanda is in a fantasy world where she dreams for her youth when she had many male callers and was the queen of the ‘Delta'. Tom escapes every night to the ‘Movies'. The
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