Tension in Chapter 6 of 'to Kill a Mockingbird'

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In chapter six; Jem and Dill’s’ inquisitive’ natures lead them to become rebellious. Their plan was to trespass into Boo Radley’s property in order to understand more about the personality of this ‘mysterious’ character. Scout joins them on their night-time exploration because she is afraid of being left out. Due to the nature in which they entered the house, Nathan Radley-Boo Radley’s brother shoots at them as he thought his house was attacked by burglars. In chapter six of ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’, Harper Lee cleverly uses a variety of literary techniques and devices to create tension prior to the shooting. This essay discusses the language devices used and its effectiveness on the reader of the text. The techniques that Harper Lee …show more content…

Third of all, the setting that was described was effective in building tension. This was evident and seen when Scout described the back porch of Radley’s place as bathed in moonlight. By saying this, Harper Lee has actually indicated to the readers that the scene was extremely dark. This is able to build tension because a dark setting is

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