Tension in Well's Stories

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In the short stories Wells creates tension (a sense of expectancy) by using: personification dramatic irony and vivid imagery. Many of these techniques recur through the stories and there are also certain values and moral viewpoints which are frequently referred to. Many of the values Wells expresses through his writing were advanced for the times that he lived in. Tension in Well’s stories is initially created through titles in both the “Redroom” and “the Cone.” Unlike “Treasure in the Forest” in which the content of the story is immediately made clear, these two titles leave more about the content of the story to the imagination of the reader, creating both mystery and tension. The name “Redroom” also builds tension because red is a…show more content…
The settings are used to create an air of mystery this is shown particularly in “Treasure in the Forest” when the island is described as being “virgin.” In other words untouched and unexplored. In the times Wells lived in there were still many places untouched by man and much interest in the mysteries associated with them. The lack of description of the characters allows the reader to relate to the character an put themselves in the story. This makes the stories more personal to the reader and they will feel the panic that builds towards the ending. You can relate to the character the most in “Redroom.” The characters in Wells’s stories are just vehicles used to present moral viewpoints to the audience. In the stories there are many morals which indicate how Wells feels about the Victorian political climate and the world at the time. The stories tend to show negative views of the world, for instance that the young are stupid and arrogant as in the “Redroom” and that all people are greedy as we see in “the Cone” and “Treasure in the Forest.” The fact that the characters in the stories act in a manner contrary to accepted moral behaviour suggest an unhappy ending for them because Wells is trying to show why you should not behave in that manner. As readers we are aware of this so as we approach the ending we know something bad is going to happen to the main character thereby creating a sense of building tension. In “the Cone” Raut is trying to steal

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