Terrorism Essay

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Terrorism is a major growing problem in today's society. Over the last fifteen years, new terrorist organization networks have sprung up from all over the world. Many governments have had little success in shutting down organizations attempts to harm innocent people. Many people do not understand why people resort to taking actions such as bombing, hijacking, and suicide missions. It leaves many people wondering how these organizations justify their attack on innocent and warm hearted citizens.

Terrorist actions may be committed by one individual, a group, or sometimes governments that support terrorist activities such as the Taliban. Most terrorists, unlike common criminals believe they are suppose to dedicate their …show more content…

Many countries have joined the United States in their mission to eliminate terrorism throughout the world. The most support coming from the allied British forces who are along with the United States forces in their campaign on terrorism in Afghanistan. Other countries that have agreed to join a coalition with the United States include: India, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, China, and Italy. Although these countries have not used military action against terrorism in Afghanistan, they are a big role in helping catch other terrorist who harbor in other countries. By joining the coalition, President Bush is again saying that this is a fight against terrorism all across the world and not just in the middle east.

September 11, 2001, changed the United States citizens forever. President George Bush states "we will not fail in our campaign to fight terrorism." It is sad and very unfortunate for the people of Afghanistan to be brought into war because of the Taliban. Even though United States attacks are focused on military targets, some areas are being struck on innocent cities killing many family members. It is very important to the United States that the people of Afghanistan know that we are friends not enemy. It is a necessity to say that the United States will prevail and when we do, let freedom be brought across the middle east.

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