Terrorism and Evan Parker Philosophy

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Evan Parker Philosophy 101: Ethics What Is a Terrorist? “A terrorist is one who sows terror,” says Elshtain. She means that the victims of terrorist attacks are subjected to terror, or great fear. The purpose of subjecting a group of people to such fear varies but usually aims to destroy the morale of a people in its attempt at some religious, political, or ideological goal. Crucial features of inducing terror are its randomness and its attack on civilians as opposed to combatants. This elicits fear in every person because they are afraid for their personal safety in their day to day lives, as opposed to fearing only for our soldiers. To determine who is a terrorist, we must ask who they are attacking. Do they mainly target combatants in…show more content…
We tell them to not to obey orders which conflict with the laws of war. Our military training films show the soldiers how to avoid loss of civilian lives and that we should certainly not say that it is God’s will to kill enemy civilians. There is a huge difference in the training videos of Islamic radicals. One video acquired by a British newspaper, was reported to depict their “enemies being decapitated with knives after they are disarmed--something strictly forbidden by the laws of war,” says Elshtain. The video goes on to say that you must kill in the name of Allah and that you are then guaranteed to enter Paradise. It says that they should all fight the “sick unbelievers.” Newsweek journalist Francis Fukayama reported that these extremist groups celebrated September 11 because they think that the very basis of our society is corrupt. They hate us for our religious tolerance, believing that we should instead be “trying to serve religious truth.” Some argue that the issue is our foreign policy, but how can this be the case when they “hate us for what we are and what we represent and not for anything in particular that we have done,” argues Elshtain. There is no adequate response for this. We cannot change the very foundation of our great country. These terrorists hate us so much that they commit themselves to “violence without limits,” Elshtain say emphatically. All we can do is fight back

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