Texas House Representative Dwayne Bohac Essay

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Texas House Representative Dwayne Bohac represents the Houston district of 138 which I currently have the pleasure of living in. Bohac was born on September 04, 1966 in the Northwest area of Houston, Texas. He has been a resident of the district he has been elected to represent for most of his life and is also member of the Republican Party. He attended Scarborough High School and later furthered his education at Texas A&M University. Bohac decided to pursue two majors earning bachelor degrees in Political Science and Marketing. He was an active member of the local community as he founded “Save Our Neighborhoods/ Northwest Coalition”, was a member of the Spring Branch Revitalization Association, and also served on the White Oaks Bayou …show more content…

It is important to provide citizens with the rightful tools, such as this bill, to be able to protect themselves and loved ones. With the fear of handguns falling into the wrong hands, there are multiple steps such as background checks and evaluations all before being able to legally purchase a handgun in Texas. With this new House Bill being passed, Texas now joins 34 other states who support the right to openly carry concealed handguns.
The Texas House of Representatives affirms of another policy Bohac strongly supports is “giving municipalities greater authority to enforce apartment standards” (Tex. House Rep.). Enforcing apartment standards is important because it ensures the greater safety of those living in the apartment complexes, of those living in surrounding areas, and of those who patrol the areas. Bohac felt the greater need to push the legislation towards superior apartment standards after the death of Houston police officer Timothy Abernathy of December 2016 who was involved in a shooting. As Bohac elaborates, “…deteriorating apartments often become havens for criminal activity” (Bohac). The apartment complex where police officer Timothy Abernathy was killed was under run-down conditions which it would not have been if regular inspections were conducted to improve its conditions. Under the new House Bill 1819, whom Bohac closely worked with the City of Houston to craft, apartment complexes

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