Texas Statutes Give Law Enforcement Ample Room Outside The Glare Of State Open Records Laws Essay

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Texas statutes give law enforcement ample room to operate outside the glare of state open records laws. DPS has taken advantage of those protections when it suits its purposes, routinely invoking the threat of terrorism to withhold records as simple as its Troopers’ time sheets. (“At DPS It Can Be Hard to Read between the Numbers |”) “There is a legitimate concern that terrorists from around the world could exploit our country’s porous Southwest border…if they have not done so already,” according to a report the agency produced ahead of the recent legislative session — which, perhaps not coincidentally, called for 500 new troopers, as well as millions of dollars in new policing equipment. Two months earlier, McCraw had assured legislators that there was “no credible information that a terrorist has crossed or will cross” the border. Such state-sanctioned secrecy comes with a heightened responsibility to be transparent about the information released to the public.
There is little question that aggressive policing needs to be done between Mexico and Texas. Blocking illegal drugs and violent cartels from entering the United States is crucial and dangerous work. At the same time, numerous indices of crime rates show border communities to be among the safer regions of the state. Such dissonance makes it difficult for the public and its representatives to create a response that also successfully navigates the political landscape.
As much as the Texas-Mexico
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