Thc Drug Research Paper

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There are some positives associated with the THC compound. The positives are far-reaching and long-term. This is due to the way Marijuana effects the Autonomic Nervous System. It expands the breathing and calms the body. It has a huge potential for medical and healing purposes worldwide. There were a lot of speculations about developing Lung Cancer if you were a Marijuana smoker. A study performed by Dr. Tashkin proved the people that believed this wrong. The study consisted of rats being injected with Cannabinoids. The Cannabinoids were injected into rats that had deadly tumors on them. When injected with the Cannabinoids, it was seen that the chemical had inhibited the growth of the tumor on the rats. The cannabinoids were showing to be able …show more content…

Animal studies have been performed to validate this. Smoking Marijuana has been proven to be harmful. The THC, when smoking Marijuana, blocks the memory formation. THC acts in the part of the brain called the hippocampus that forms the memories in the human brain. THC is also said to increase people’s risk of depression, which many people smoke Marijuana due to being depressed. Common side effects THC has when smoking Marijuana is anxiety, fear, and distrust. These effects usually last about 2 hours, 10-30 minutes after using the drug. Those people are also said to suffer from Paranoia after smoking this drug. People who use this drug are at risk for a relapse for schizophrenic symptoms and may also experience Acute Psychosis due to this chemical. This causes hallucinations, delusions, and loss of sense of self awareness. THC effects the Cerebellum, causing loss of balance and impairs the person under the influence, ability to drive due, to loss of motor skills. Driving under the influence of this chemical can largely increase the risk of having an automobile accident. Teens who use Marijuana are also at risk for the THC to damage their brain, creating a decrease in an IQ level. There was a study that was performed that high-risk male teens who used Marijuana had changed in brain volume. The males who had a genetic risk for Schizophrenia that reported using Marijuana before age 16 had less thickness of the cerebral cortex than non-users. There is a belief that the cannabis users can turn out differently than others who use this drug depending on how early they were using or their genetic factors involved. THC co-opts the human body’s natural pathways to create its effects that it has on the human brain and

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