The 11th Unnamed Cave in Tennessee Essay

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This study is focus on the 11th Unnamed Cave in Tennessee. This cave was the first of its kind because this cave is the only one that was found to contain pictograph, petroglyph, and mud glyph all in one site. The article explain that the site is significant because there are evidence to showed that the site underwent a series of diverse but interrelated uses. The first out of all the cave sites to contain all three different form of rock art. Also, because the site was found in the eighteenth century which had some form of documentations on the uses of the cave. The authors believes that since the cave showed many different kind of activities, it is possible that the activities reflect a complex behaviors more elaborated and sacred than…show more content…
However, the authors did not have and evidence to support this theory. This article was talking about the uniqueness of the 11th Unnamed Cave and it tries to theorized on how the site was used. The article did a good job of explaining the why there are so many mud balls on the ceilings. The authors tries to show both supporting and disproving that the mud balls were there is because they were used to hunt bats. They also use radio carbon dating to try to get close to the dates that the sites were occupied. The articles showed many hypothesize and they were able to make claims to help them prove their points base of off the evidence that was found at the cites. While there were some good parts of the article there were some that I was questioning. Like how did they see some of the images from the petroglyph because I tried looking it from multiple angle and I was not able to see the images that they were talking about. Also, the there were a conflict between the radio carbon dating dates and the artifacts that was found dates. For example, the carbon dating material said that the time that the cave was used is around the Mississippian period. However, some of the artifacts that was found indicate that there were traces of Early to Middle Woodland people are there. Human behaviors varies and it is very hard to pin-point what something

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