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The 3 E’s Daniel 6: 6-10 Background: Daniel 1-10 (Explain who the Satraps and Administrators are and how Daniel was one of them but when then had came up with the plan to make it wrong to pray to anyone but the king the decided to attack connection with his God.) Will write in this part… Soon… Introduction of Points: Prayer is the most power thing you have in your toolbox. There are so many things you can do true this thing we call prayer. Prayer can get you out of trouble even when people are trying to put in you trouble. As we look at our text today we see that now the administrators and people over power over the land have produced a law that makes it basically illegal to pray to anyone other then kind Darius for 30days. The…show more content…
He knew that no matter what was going on at the governmental level, he knew what was going on that the Godly level was more powerful. Today we live in world were things have never happened before, we have leaders much like the satraps and administrators. The person in charge of the United States is signing orders and laws that don’t make any sense are often times they do not line up with we as follower of Christ believe. But how many times to we look at these things and immediately turn off the TV and pray about them like we ought ton as Daniel did? The passages tell us that “when he knew” the word knew in the tense lets me know that he found out fairly quickly and being as how he was an administrator he would have known almost instantly. But he didn’t call his buddies to complain but he decided to go to God in prayer. Application: When you have conversations with people they don’t mean anything all to often we want to call up people a gossip and just talk about our problems but that does not yield anything you still must go back to what you were doing before the situation occurred, but when you talk to God that is a conversation that has power. That is a conversation that has some backbone, you can pray to King Darrius if you want to but what is he going to do about and plus he can’t hear them all, But God hears every prayer and cad do something about it! When I was in school I

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