The Ability To Read Analysis

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As Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “If we encounter a man of rare intellect, we should ask him what books he reads”. A person’s favorite book is a person’s true belief. While most people presume the book is simply words on pages, they are wrong. Books provide insight about world without absconding life. Through years I have lived in this placed called Earth, I have believed in books and reading. Before I could even read, I would take the newspaper and sit next to my uncle, pretending to read as he scanned each page. While I pretended to read, I thought about how all the letters represented something. How is it possible to read from paper and conceive a sentence? Every time I noticed my family reading the newspaper or a book, I envied them because they understood every word and I didn't. I recognized their reading as a secret club that I wasn’t invited to attend. Later on during my childhood, I start reading and just like every kid I didn’t want to read. I felt like a failure when reading, because I couldn’t pronounce words or even finish sentences correctly. My 2nd grade teacher called my mom to inform her of my lack of reading in class and recommended that I read every night. Just like any other caring mom, she started buying books for me to read. As I got used to the routine of reading a book a …show more content…

I thank my 2nd grade teacher for introducing books into my life. I ponder whether or not I would have the same connection with books as I do now if my teacher hadn’t contacted my mom. I personally love how I discover themes that reflect my life from reading books. Lastly, I personally think without books and reading this world would be place without creativity and imagination. They allow a form of entertainment that isn’t plagued by modern tech. I believe in books, because they allow people the escape they need to get through rough

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