The Absolutist System

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When I ignored the “Staff Only” sign plastered on the chrome laboratory door, I had no idea what the consequences would be. The government established the Absolutist System 30 years ago, almost immediately after our country’s new leader was selected. It was a system that was meant to make our country orderly and free of troubles, but only caused more problems as time progressed. The idea turned our vivid world into a livid one, and the aspect of freedom was lost. The Absolutist System measures the tendency to commit a crime, increasing the crime coefficient. If a crime coefficient is over 100, people would be sent to rehab to obtain therapy, enforced by law, and become labeled as an Underlying Criminal. I woke up to bare, white walls …show more content…

They were robots. We arrived at the doors and I was let into the room. The doors quickly shut behind me. The walls of the room were white, just like everything else in the facility. There were about seven people in the room sitting in their assigned seats and ready for the therapy session. I ignored the entire lecture because the therapist’s voice was so boring and monotone. I just couldn’t force myself to listen to him. After the session was over and an hour of my life was wasted, I hurried out of the room with the other seven Underlying Criminals. I dawdled throughout the facility and trudged down the stairs until I saw a man standing at the bottom of the staircase. He must’ve been a patient at the facility too because he was wearing all white, just like me. I walked down the stairs and just as soon as he heard my booming footsteps, he frantically ran away. Like the fool I am, I ran down the stairs after him. A door that read “Staff Only” stood feet away from me glistening under a dim light. I put my hand on the cold doorknob and twisted it. Surprisingly, it opened. The room was pitch black, so I scanned my fingers across the wall until I found a light switch. It was cold in here, as if it were a giant freezer. Eventually, I found a switch and I turned it on. The lights brightened and there were hundreds of caskets. It was like a small graveyard in here. I tip-toed to one of the caskets. You could see through the top. Dates were attached to the sides. The numbers was the date that they died. People were in there, no, not just any other people, I knew them. One of them was my neighbor, I remember him coming here for therapy. Then another was a girl in my class. She came here because she robbed a bank. One of the faces looked oddly familiar. Finally, it hit me. It was Adrian in one of the caskets. Why would anyone do this to people? There was therapy provided here so that people

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