The Access Of Equity Finance Through Crowdfunding

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From almost the beginning, the idea of community and local based Slow Money ideals being served through crowdfunding was acknowledged here in Southern California. Our Slow Money SoCal founding members were working against a conservative legal backdrop and a sprawling suburbia that made local investing and the community building it entails all the more difficult. In our early days, while we measured the idea of crowdfinancing still serving the Slow Money Principles, we decided it was a legitimate sounding of our regional voice. Today, the access to equity finance through crowdfunding is just another opportunity to continue to serve ways to catalyze capital while exploring the inherent tension between the virtual world and the visceral character of a place based investing.
We were broached by Kiva, the grandfather to all technology based crowdfinancing in 2013. Slow Money SoCal had worked without much success, for an approach to local investment during its first year and was ready to consider another way. Still reticent about the rules and regulations that served to inhibit a local investing story, we chose to sign on as an early Kiva Trustee hoping to get our feet wet as we continued to develop our more down to earth, place based approach. We endorsed our first Kiva loan in March 2014.
In those early days of Slow Money SoCal, though some of us were comforted by the Kiva partnership and its legal sanctions, some thought the partnership was a distraction. If we were busy doing

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