The Achievement Gap Has Affected Students For Many Years

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The achievement gap is unfortunately a commonality in America citizens’ language. The achievement gap has affected students for many years. Research has demonstrated the controversies that exist on the causes of the gap, but still we are talking about it in the 21st century. Researchers and public policy officials are examining the dimensions of the achievement gap in America’s school. Unfortunately, the lack of addressing the “real problem” will continue to impose heavy and often tragic consequences of colored students more specifically lower earnings, poverty, and higher rates of incarceration.
In class we had the pleasure of a speaking with a counselor from Overbrook High School. Toni addressed so many issues she experienced during her 18 years of work on the Philadelphia District. She has seen it all from the lack of resources, counselors/social workers, accountability, structures, and leadership. One of my peers asked Toni, what could we be doing differently as graduate students? I hear so many people complain about their graduate assistantships, they are not receiving the necessary skills for their career aspiration. I believe that Overbrook High School and others in the Philadelphia District could benefit from the help of graduate assistantships. This experience will benefit the staff, teachers, and school officials and more importantly the students.
Focusing on the achievement gap and the lack of resources tends to be the main topic of educational researchers.

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