The Achievements Of Augustus Have Serve As The Basis Of His Achievements

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Evaluate the achievements of Augustus

The achievements of Augustus are numerous and span across many different contexts; social, political, and military. For the purpose of this essay, the phases of Augustus ' life will serve as the basis of his achievements. Augustus was born in September 63 BC in an era of the Roman Republic that was rife with civil unrest and political instability, and over his 76 years he "...found Rome a city of bricks and left it a city of marble." (Suetonius and Carter 1982). Although he achieved many things from his early life as the heir of Caesar to the rise of the principate, arguably his most important achievement was the establishment of the Roman Empire as it set up the foundations for a 200 year empire that
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These combined forces led Antony to flee from Italy to Gaul, and at Mutina, Antony was beaten in conflict by Augustus, but the two consuls who fought alongside Augustus had fallen in battle (Eck 2007). This victory led Augustus to demand he be appointed as consul despite being too young.

Being the heir of Caesar is quite a status in itself, but the fact that Augustus had built up and led his own private army into battle against Mark Antony at the age of 19 and had come out successful meant that Augustus was a force to be reckoned with. The successful outcome of his battle with Antony, meant he had accumulated a large public following and an even larger amount of respect (Crook 1996) (Eck 2007). In addition to this, Antony 's defeat cleared the way for Augustus to fulfill the will of Caesar and gain full access to Caesar 's wealth and political and military legacy (Crook 1996). At this point in time, he had enough power, support, and momentum to demand a consul position, which set up his rise to absolute power (Crook 1996). This series of events were quite important in relation to the creation of the Roman Empire as they served as an outlet for Augustus ' plans for Rome.

Over the years, Augustus continued to build up his military and political power, which was met with contention by Antony. Although Antony and Augustus appeared to be friendly, especially with
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