The Acquisition Of Language And Speech Development

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The acquisition of language and speech development takes place over a period from birth to around three years of age and in early childhood from the ages of four to six. The development is quick and passes through similar stages in all children not depending on the language that you acquire. The process of language development is therefore universal, namely the development of sounds to words and grammar of the language (Bates and Goodman, 2001).

Critical periods of individual development stages vary but most often with only a few months term temporal intervals (Bates and Goodman, 2001; Crain and Lillo-Martin 1999). Reynell J. (1977) separated three essential components of language expression: vocabulary, grammatical structure and content. The development of all three components are intertwined in the process of children 's language acquisition.

Language development often proves difficult. When talking about speech disorders, the child deviates from the others in such a way to attract the attention of the listener in a sense of his manner of speaking, but not the content. Speech disorders may be biologically or functionally driven. What is meant with biological speech disorders is when the disorder is caused by an injury, illness or deficiency of speech mechanism. In other cases, there are functionally related interferences. In the pre-school period the most frequent are the following speech disorders: babbling and stuttering, less frequently we observe delayed speech

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