The Actual Definition of Physical Therapy

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Physical Therapy is an exhilarating career with challenging requirements and great responsibility. The actual definition of physical therapy is “The treatment of physical dysfunction or injury by the use of therapeutic exercise.” The definition of Physical Therapist is “A person who examines your injuries, talks to you about your symptoms and progress, and helps you design and carry out your treatment plan.” They also provide services that help regain function, enhance movement, ease pain, and avert permanent disability.
Physical Therapy is prominent in treating diseases and disabilities. Physical Therapy takes part in treating heart and lung diseases, types of paralysis, and some muscle weaknesses. It helps stroke victims recover to maximum strength in their condition. These are some of the many reasons that physical therapists are needed now, and always will be. Physical therapists deal with many types of people, with a limitless age range. They work with infants that are born prematurely, that have birth defects, all the way to elderly people who have medical or other health issues. To make more individualized treatment plans for everyone, they look at each person and develop a treatment technique to promote healing and mobility. There is a countless variety of needs for physical therapy, and that is how they determine which treatment is best for you. Everyday, 750,000 people need physical therapy. Physical Therapists not only create the plans, they guide

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