The Admissions Process Is Becoming A Competition

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High school seniors are always anxious to hear if they got into the college of their dreams, but those dreams may be crushed by the overwhelming grades and test scores. Today, there are many colleges who have eased up and made their application process easier. The admission process has become a competition and many colleges have been known to favor only athletes or A.P. students. Then the students who have poor schooling systems or no athleticism become last on the totem pole. So what many colleges have decided to do is look into having essays in order to connect more on a personal level with the applicant. For this reason, Frank Bruni states in his article, “Rethinking College Admissions,” advising college administrators to reconsider the selection criteria. It is apparent that the information in the text is directly corresponding to the selection commitees. For instance, “the admissions process warps the values of students drawn into a competitive frenzy” (Bruni, “Rethinking College Admissions”). The application process is becoming very stressful for the students. Therefore, stating that colleges need to make their process easier and less troublesome. The reason that the author is speaking to the admissions officers is because he believes that scholarly students are being rejected and not given the chance to show their skills. The evidence in this article emphasizes that “some of those alterations would simultaneously level the playing field for kids applying to college

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