The Adolescent Girl: Generalist Intervention Model

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The adolescent girl is a young girl who is on the developmental process of about maturing to adult. However, those teenagers are on biological development of the body changes that are establishing personal identity. Moreover, adolescent is a time a child endeavors to separate from parent. In addition, some of these adolescents begin to make harmful decision that will isolate them from the right information. For example, it is at this time some teenagers will separate themselves from parent and engage in drug or alcohol abuse as a result of peer pressure. Besides that, by the virtue of the bad company some of them keep might expose them to pregnancy. On the other hand, some adolescent problem might arise due to poverty, single teenage mother, …show more content…

In addition, birth rate among the adolescent White females ages 15-19 are 17.3 per 1, 000 adolescent females. Moreover, the types of group I would build with this population includes the network of support services that will identify the needs and resources needed and set goals, education, and child development information for teen mothers for them to receive appropriate case management services expected for pregnancy and parenting teens and to ensure that these young mothers and their babies are able to access health, developmental education, counseling, assessment, and social services. The evidence-based services will include parenting education on avoiding conflict with family members, education on child breastfeeding, formula feeding, and support groups. Furthermore, the support group generally will engage pregnant and parenting teenagers with the resources to develop self-sufficiency skill to meet and achieve financial goal for themselves and for their children. Also, the goal to increase family income will involve job training skills that will enable gaining employment. In general, a goal-setting strategy is a socio-cognitive developmental exercise that improves pregnant and parenting adolescent function across social learning, social exchange, and self-regulations. …show more content…

Besides that, the result of individual’s life experience might comprise oppression, marginalization, alienation, and create, also, may enhance privilege and power for this population. On the other hand, the population may face discrimination because they belong to the group of adolescent pregnancy mothers. In general, the cultural structures that might enhance privilege and power for the pregnant and parenting adolescent population is their ability as individual, family group, community, or organization to recover from adversity, and begins to function not minding the suffering, confusion, and hardship. Furthermore, other cultural structures that might enhance privilege and GENERALIST INTERVENTION

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