The Advantage Of A Cell Phone

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Growing up as the oldest has its advantages, but it also has its disadvantages. Yes, the advantages can be having a cell phone before your brother or sister, or going out to eat with friends, but the disadvantages can be much greater. If your parents were like mine, then there was no such thing as going out much, because your siblings had to be watched when no one else could. Things changed quickly when your parents are called into work. The plans that were made and approved by your parents no longer matter. Siblings come first and there is no if, and, or buts about it. When I was finally awarded freedom, I made bad decisions. One in particular involved me drinking and driving. Gerald M. Nosich, the author of Learning To Think Things Through: A Guide To Critical Thinking Across The Curriculum persuasively suggest that critical thinking involves using the elements and high standards of thinking (133). If I had used the elements and standards of critical thinking correctly for the activity of drinking, and think more clearly about the consequences, then I may have never decided to do such a thing. To start with, being appointed this role as a young teenager oppressed me from participating in many activities that young teenagers would experience. For example, instead of attending parties with friends, I was stuck at home with my brother and sister. After I received my license everything changed. Again, more freedom was awarded to me, but I did not take advantage of my freedom

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