Cellphones : Boon or Bane

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CELL PHONE : BOON OR BANE From the invention of fire to the world of digital, man has forced his scientific advance. In this fast moving generation computers are considered to be the greatest gift of science. Cellphones are modified forms of computers which are utilized mainly for communication that have rapidly spread throughout the world in less than 20 years. Even calculation of numerical values, storing of data and retrieval of data are possible in cellphones. According to the survey nearly 300 crores of people are using cellphone. It is estimated by 2010 nearly 500 crores of people use cellphone having internet and camera facility. The largest cell users in the world is china, next comes to India. The market share of Nokia is 52.8%,…show more content…
Mobile phone is not a luxury today. It is a basic amenity for most people. People should never drive a vehicle, while using a mobile phone. They should park their vehicle by the side of the road and then attend to the call. Even the passengers in vehicles should restrict the use of their phones as phones may distract the driver and lead to accidents. The use of mobile phones should be banned in hospitals. It is learnt that the rays of the cellphone affects the heart and kidneys. Instead of allowing the phone to ring, users should activate the `vibrating alert' mode so that it does not cause a disturbance to others. Notice boards should also be put up at places where the use of cellphones is restricted or banned. Mobile phones are fast becoming a menace and the nuisance can be controlled in certain ways: Switch off the phones at public places. Driving a vehicle while speaking over the mobile phone should be made legally punishable. Cellphone users should be more self-disciplined. Penalise the drivers Mobile phone users should ensure that the volume of the cellphone is at a low level. They should switch off the phones while in theatres or hospitals. Drivers should be fined and arrested on the spot if they are found using mobile phones while driving. It is not enough that we own the latest gadgets, but we should also know how to use them without annoying others. Restrict the use The mobile phone is no doubt a blessing but only when

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