The Advantage Of Nurse : The Role Of School Nurses

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The Role of School Nurses Usually, school nurses are the ones that take care of asthmatic students (NASN, 2008). However, with an acute shortage of nurses in school systems today, it is a challenge to staff school nurses at a ratio that adequately covers the school student population. The National School Nurses Association suggests a ratio of one school nurse to 750 students in the general population potentially requiring assistance with asthmatic conditions (NASN, 2008). Nationally, the proportion of public schools with a school nurse present all day, each day, is 45% of all public schools (NASN, 2007). Further, 30% of school nurses are working part-time in one or more schools (NASN, 2007). These statistics are not good for the asthmatic children. Various factors are responsible for the limited number/proportion of available school nurses. These factors include the provision of an insufficient level of funding for school nurses by school districts, local acceptance of the current situation, and a lack of understanding of the roles and responsibilities of the school nurse. The National Association of School Nurses notes that caseloads vary widely both between and within states. Many school nurses provide health services to multiple school buildings, limiting the access that students have to a school nurse. When there is no nurse available, the responsibility of administering the necessary medications, treatments, and monitoring of the children may fall on administrators,

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