The Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Scramble For Africa

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In the 1880s the “scramble for Africa” began. The “scramble for Africa” was when European countries occupied, colonized, and divided Africa during the period of new imperialism. In the beginning imperialism in Africa seemed beneficial but then opinions changes. As imperialism spread many began to view imperialism differently than before, while some saw only the benefits of imperialism other saw the disastrous aftermath. In the past imperialism in Africa was viewed as both beneficial and harmful because of the disadvantages of imperialism, the benefits of imperialism, and the effects that imperialism had on the Africans.
Although there were benefits of African imperialism, there were also disadvantages for the nations. When writing about African imperialism a British scholar, J.A. Hobson, said that during the period of imperialism there were many wars that were caused by Europeans attacking people who they considered to be ‘lower races’ (Document 1). The ‘lower races’ were at a disadvantage because the Africans did not have the same modern weaponry that the Europeans did, which was one of the military causes of new imperialism. Another example is an excerpt from Balance Sheets of Imperialism which points out that, “In fact, her expenditures on colonies for that time was 6,856 million lire” (Document 8). This is an example of a disadvantage because even though there was money being made in the colonies, the countries still had to pay for things like live costs and wars

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