The Adventrue of Hucleberry Fin by Mark Twain

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The classic novel Huckleberry Fin, by Mark Twain, has been debated of being appropriate or not due to the racist content within. Many disagree with Mark Twain’s use of derogatory terms and phrases such as the word “Nigger” in his book. “IT seems unlikely that anyone, of any color, who had actually read Huckleberry Fin…could accuse of it being racist” (Kaplan 20). Huckleberry Fin uses necessary racism in order to show the culture and attributes of the time period as well as to portray Twains message of promoting equality and that they are not morally better if they are one race over another. What is now seen as racism was simply the culture and attributes during the time setting of the novel (Toltzman 1). Huck Fin was written when cruel and unjust treatments of blacks were common and use of derogatory words didn’t get much attention. Huck Finn is during a time when blacks were not treated or thought as people but as objects without personalities or emotions. For instance, Jim is initially only knows to whose property he is. He was considered Miss Watson property that was about to be sold, which resulted in him running away. The racist attitudes of the South are were most obvious in the character of Huck Finn himself, and how he relates to the runaway slave, Jim. He plays tricks on Jim and uses dialogue that makes him appear foolish or perhaps to make Jim painfully aware of his own belittlement. During their entire journey Huck and Jim become closer. “They achieved a state

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