The Adventures Of Hucklberry Finn

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People read many books during their lives and they read them for many reasons. Most would probably choose to read a book for enjoyment or the romance in it. However, people also read books for information, to help practice a new language, when we are forced to read a textbook at school, etcetera. Also, not everybody will read a book for the same reason. For example, five people might read the same book for different reasons than the others. I for one found that reading the book The Adventures of Hucklberry Finn was more informational about how life was back in the day, while someone like my dad would have just picked it up for enjoyment. The author of the book is non other than the infamous Mark Twain. Born to the name Samuel Clemens on …show more content…

Mark Twain died April 21, 1910 of a heart attack with only his books to keep his spirit living on. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, some might say, is the sequel to The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. The story begins with Huck where Mr. Twain left him at the end of Tom Sawyers tale, rich and with the widow Douglass. The story continues with he trying to civilize him and teach him about the bible and right from wrong. When Huck Finn learns that his drunken father is back in town he hurries to hide his fortune. His father takes him away from the widow and locks him away in a hidden cabin. Huck escapes by faking his murder and setting off down the good old Mississippi deciding to take refuge on Jackson Island. There he runs across the runaway slave, Jim, who fled when he heard his owner was going to sell him and separate him from his family. Do to the threat of each of their futures the set off down the river enjoying many adventures until they run in to two rapscallions who claim to be a duke and king driven into hiding. At first they aren’t two bad with scamming people in the towns they pass by but, eventually they switch to impersonating relatives to the dead and swindling the mourning out of their money until they get caught and barely escape the death penalty. That’s when Huck and Jim decide its would be best for them to ditch them as soon as possible.

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