The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn Is, Indeed, A Magnificent

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The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is, indeed, a magnificent piece of work. Having said that, Mark Twain wrote this book with qualities that, without a doubt, classify it as a regional text. Twain illustrates specific features of the South such as geography, culture, dialect and characters, which, in turn, aid in adding flare to this notable style of writing. Twain captures the South remarkably through his depiction of the geography in a specific region, which in this case is the Mississippi River. That being said, the majority of the story takes places on this river. As the story unravels, Mark deploys a colorful description, if you will, to describe, as well as portray, the people and places along the river that Huck and Jim encounter. …show more content…

As stated before, this had to do with the fact that slaves were at the bottom of the chain, for a lack a better term. According to Finn, “Afterwards Jim said the witches bewitched him and put him in a trance, and rode him all over the state, and then set him under the trees again and hung his hat on a limb to show who done it” (109). As a reader, it may seem a bit obnoxious to hear such nonsense. However, this exact rubbish is what helps capture the reasoning behind a certain group of people located in a certain area. Slavery was, nonetheless, still a controversial issue following the Civil War. Mark Twain explicitly expressed the attitudes of the Southern people towards slaves and slavery. That being said, the reader is able to see the beliefs and culture of a certain group people, meaning the Southerners. This is evident in the scene were Huck and Pap are in the cabin. Pap is disgusted by the fact that blacks can vote. By doing this, Twain, perhaps, was depicting what an average Southerner thought on the subject. The dialect found in this work is an explicit example of why it is considered a regional text. Even before the story commences, Mark Twain states, “In this book a number of dialects are used, to wit; the Missouri negro dialect; the extremest form of backwoods South-Western dialect; the ordinary “Pike-County dialect; and four modified varieties of this last” (105). This is self-evident that the dialect that is being used

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