The Adventures Of Ms. Mackin 's Persona

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The Adventures of Ms. Mackin’s Persona “Look at your life and look at your choices” my high school advisor, Kit Mackin, always told me when I was misbehaving in school. Ms. Mackin counselled me from tenth grade to twelfth grade. Ms. Mackin is a teacher at Sci Academy and specifically teaches Spanish to eleventh and twelfth graders, and also serves as an advisor. Ms. Mackin stands at a height of 5’9, with crinkly blonde hair and sparkling olive green eyes. When I was in high school, Ms. Mackin’s love for advising evokes the memory of the love my mother has for me. While in Ms. Mackin’s class, she enlightens all her students with her beautiful smile, which is as bright as a diamond. In addition to that, Ms. Mackin is also mixed with Irish. Ms. Mackin is very whimsical as a teacher, but also unrelenting and feisty in difficult situations. Ms. Mackin has a plethora of personalities, but she reminds me of the beach she goes to with her son. When I was sitting in her class she had so much energy that she made learning fun and she does funny gestures in order for us to learn the words. The joy in her teaching makes students want to learn more about Spanish and make good grades. When Ms. Mackin is in this mode she reminds me of the calm side of the beach. However, lazy students in her class know that her serenity turns to anger, when they don’t do their work. Therefore, when the waves are raging and rough against the turf it evokes the memory of when Ms. Mackin is angry. When
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