The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain

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Despite all his adventures and decisions he has to make, Huck has a strong sense of morality. Discuss situations where Huck’s thoughts or actions show an awareness of justice.

Morality is defined as the principles of concerning the distinction between right and wrong behavior. Morality plays an important part in everyday life and having a good set of ethics is extremely important. People are shaped by morals and they also help determine what is important to that certain individual. It not only defines who they are, it helps people prioritize their lives. In a sense, it makes people’s lives a little bit more organized. In Huckleberry Finn, the main character, Huck, has to make many hard decisions. In many of these instances, Huck’s thoughts and actions show an awareness of justice and morality. Throughout the novel, the reader sees instances of Huck’s moral development. Since the story is told from Huck’s perspective, the reader also gets a sense of what he is thinking, as well as his actions. This is important because it sheds light on Huck’s thinking process and how he analyzes problems. For example, in Chapter 8, Huck feels morally wrong about faking his death and hurting those around him. He realizes that the bread that they were using to try to find him was the kind of bread that the rich people ate. This supports the theory that the people looking for him really do care about him. Another example of Huck’s awareness of justice is when he and Jim are stealing. As they

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