The Adventures of Ibn Battuta by Ross E. Dunn

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The book I chose to read for this summer assignment was The Adventures of Ibn Battuta (Revised edition) written by Ross E. Dunn. The predominant reason as to why I chose this book is because I am Moroccan descent and I had a strong desire to learn more about the rich cultures of the Arab world. I once read that those who had the last name Bencomo, which was orginally from the Canary Islands and written as Tehncomo were descendents of the Islamic traveler, Ibn Battuta. This sparked even more curiosity to learn about my ancestor’s history. I heard stories from my grandmother about the Moors since her father was half Moroccan. I knew I had to learn about this since this is a part of who I am.
This book mainly narrates the adventures and travels of a 14th century Muslim scholar, native of Tangier who studied law but dreamed of traveling and seeing different perspectives of the world. Ibn is described by many as the Marco Polo of the Muslim world. Ibn traveled by all means possible during his time period, horse, camel, boat, foot, and boat for approximately 29 years. The area he covered would now be the equivalent to 40 modern countries and 73,000 miles. Quotes I found most interesting were “A scholar’s education is greatly improved by traveling in quest of knowledge and meeting the authoritative teachers (of his time).” by Ibn Khaldun pg. 27. This was quite inspiring because it shows that with an open mind and many travels you can age with wisdom and share your knowledge with

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